Harvard University provide many free online courses where you can take online, those courses could help you to enhance your knowledge and insight. There are variety of courses you can take like science, social science, computer science, public speaking, and so on. The courses are totally free but if you want to get certificate you have to pay around 50 – 200 USD. The question is, is it worthy to pay the certificate? It depends on you of course. If you have a vision to enrich your resume, paying the certificate would be the best option as it could help you to improve your resume professionally. But if you not wish so it is not problem! Besides, while you are joining the course, you will learn through video, script, even quiz. So it would be fun and insightful! The other benefit that you can get is from the tutor, because the provide many experts such as lecturer, professor at Harvard University, so I think it would be great for you to feel the atmosphere before you enter the Harvard!

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